Date(s) - 07/12/2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Glendening Park

Event Descirption

Join us in the park as we bring families together to experience the joy of play, the power of learning, and the wonders of growth. This unique event is designed to create lasting memories and provide invaluable tools for your child’s development.

Why attend “Play, Learn, and Grow Together”?

Engaging Play Experiences: Immerse yourself in a world of interactive play where imaginations soar and creativity blooms. Our carefully crafted activities stimulate curiosity, promote motor skills, and encourage imaginative thinking.

Educational Insights: Gain expert knowledge from early childhood educators who will share practical tips and strategies to support your child’s early learning journey. Discover ways to foster language development, numeracy skills, and cognitive growth in fun and engaging ways.

Parent Empowerment: Equip yourself with the tools you need to become your child’s best teacher and advocate. Learn about the latest research and evidence-based practices in early childhood development, empowering you to make informed decisions for your child’s future.

Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded families who share a passion for their child’s growth. Build a network of support, exchange ideas, and forge lifelong friendships with other parents on this incredible journey of parenthood.

Resourceful Takeaways: Leave with a wealth of resources, including handouts, activity ideas, and recommended books, to continue the learning and play experiences at home. Empower yourself with practical tools that will enrich your family’s daily routines and enhance your child’s development.

Limited spots available! Reserve your place in the “Play, Learn, and Grow Together” workshop today. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to bond with your child, expand your knowledge, and create a brighter future together.